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Franchise Specialists has been serving both large and small franchisors for over 29 years. We are focused on finding solutions and getting measurable results.

About the Founder

Wayne Maillet is a leading Canadian franchise management consultant and published author with over 29 years of practical experience in all aspects of franchise operations. Prior to consulting Wayne Maillet worked for the corporate office of such franchised companies as Keg Steakhouse, Uniglobe Travel and Realty World. Although the industries were different, the principles, challenges and opportunities of franchising were found to be the same. He has a great understanding of the needs of a company during the various distinct stages of franchise growth.

Wayne Maillet is an active member of the Canadian Franchise Association and sits on the CFA Research Committee. Respected within franchise circles, he brings a realistic, practical understanding of business and franchising. Wayne Maillet has spoken across Canada on how to franchise your business, written several articles and is often quoted as an authority in franchising. He has been an entrepreneur, having run his own business. He mixes practical experience with an academic understanding, having earned his Bachelor of Business Management Degree from Ryerson University and was recognized for outstanding academic achievement in management and enterprise development. Most recently Wayne Maillet has become a published author. His book, Franchising Demystified, provides guidance to prospective or existing franchisees on how to acquire, operate and be successful with a franchise.

Career highlights include the following:

  • Wrote several operation manuals that were focused on duplicating critical factors so that success could be duplicated
  • Conducted strategic planning sessions for companies looking to start franchising as a growth strategy
  • Created business plans with projected cash flows and market analysis which resulted in receiving has high as 95% institutional financing
  • Represented several franchisors for expansion across Canada, awarding over 300 franchises
  • Established a Master License in provinces across Canada as well as a Master License in Venezuela
  • Was CEO for the Canadian operations of a large international franchisor with 1500 locations worldwide
  • Facilitated mediation to resolve an escalating dispute between a franchisor and its franchisees
  • Spearheaded the complete redesign and development of the franchise program to position a national Canadian brand for U.S. and International expansion, allowing growth beyond the mature Canadian market
  • Assisted in acquisition of a national competitor
  • Has been an expert witness in large legal proceeding





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